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Nurture a love of reading in your child by introducing them to quality books at a young age. Our programme is designed to stimulate and support all children through lively narrative, repetition of language and bright illustrations.

Child's Play's unique range of early years books is designed specially for babies and young children. As children get older, activity and picture books stimulate imagination and creative play.

Reading with your Baby

Nurture a love of reading in your child by reading with them from a young age.

Reading and singing with your baby helps them to learn the natural patterns of language and speech; it builds their attention, listening and memory skills; and above all, helps develop the bond between you.

Talking with your baby helps them to develop better language and communication skills. For parents who are unsure of what to say, reading a book can act as a prompt. Babies are pre-programmed to socialise and communicate, so take advantage of this at every opportunity.

Songs and Rhymes

Singing songs and rhymes is the perfect way to bond with your baby and share quality time. It also aids language development by introducing the natural sounds and patterns of speech. Combining these with actions stimulates the brain and helps muscle development and coordination.

When saying or singing rhymes, adults speak more softly and slowly, making it easier for the baby to understand, and the rhythm is a source of comfort. Actions in rhymes add an element of surprise, fun and laughter - ensuring an enjoyable shared experience.

 Babies discover the essence of communication through movement and musicality. Babies and children who 'learn' nursery rhymes and songs develop an understanding of turn taking and joining in, which is essential for communication and dialogue. They also do better when learning to read and write as they already have an understanding of how language works. As well as actions and finger rhymes developing fine motor coordination, they also help the child develop body awareness. Repeating rhymes will also aid the development of sequential memory.

Communication and Touch

 Touch is a baby's first language, and is the first sense to develop in the womb. Loving touch and stimulation is necessary for healthy physical and mental development. Communication plays a fundamental role in development and initial communication is massively tactile. Touch establishes a strong relationship and this essential non-verbal communication will lead to verbal communication.

Frequent eye contact and conversation about anything and everything, as well as loving touch, will help babies brains and their ability to talk. Eye to eye contact is touching at a distance